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All TAIL ME TOUR drivers/guides are Independent Contractors hired locally from the very communities you will inevitably be visiting during your stay here on the Big Island. The result is the type of local knowledge uncommonly found with drivers of traditional tour bus routes – as most of them are required to commute to work, then drive a predetermined route – no matter how far from home that may be. This is not the operational strategy here at TAIL ME TOURS. Your TMT Driver/Guide is selected from a pool that is based on our understanding of your touring goals. That way, if you want to tour in Kona, the driver will be from Kona – likely born and raised there. Now this is local knowledge of the uncommon kind and your experience will benefit!

In addition to providing expert, efficient and non-intrusive guidance to every destination – in a way never before experienced, each TMT Driver/Guide also doubles as your personal assistant at every stop! Imagine, having your own PA helping you throughout your entire journey – assisting you, your family and friends with loading, unloading, and anything else you may need, from aloha to aloha – including picture taking, monitoring your belongings while you swim, and of course all the stories, information, folklore and legends about each of your spectacular stops. These are just some of the benefits. Now that is service with Aloha!