Well, there really isn’t a lot to tell… but there is so much this new company has to offer!


is truly a revolutionary innovation in touring and one that will change this industry forever!
Unlike any other company you’ve ever heard of, the all new TAIL ME TOURS offers a unique private escort service
specifically designed for personalized touring adventures! Now this is a company that INNOVATES! And we have to
– as should all new companies – in these tough economic times.

TAIL ME TOURS is a grassroots, homegrown privately owned business that was primarily developed to provide an economical alternative to the high priced privately escorted tours here in Hawaii. It occurred to me, after the fact, that this unique business model will work anywhere; hence we are most excited to bring this unique business concept to the rest of America – and in fact, to the rest of the world!

By essentially taking the traditional tour “business” out of the picture – by simply displacing the tour driver out of your vehicle (or a tour bus/van) and into his/her own while maintaining the typical tour experience (audio dialogue during tour, etc.) – we have, in effect, eliminated every major liability issue typically associated with a “tour company” – while still providing a comparable, less expensive, even better service! These very liabilities that our operational strategy eliminates are the fundamental reason why privately escorted tours (in fact, all tours) are so expensive – that is, UP UNTIL NOW!

My name is Gregory S. Nottingham, the inventor and founder of TAIL ME TOURS. I am a graduate of USD (University of San Diego – Class of ’85) with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. I spent ten years (1985-1995) with a California based Architectural & Engineering firm (Tait & Associates, Inc.) in Orange County then another ten as a private entitlement and permitting consultant to several national retail chains. My business at that time, Nottingham & Associates, was based in Camarillo, CA. I was married for nearly 20 years and raised four children.

Please accept my sincere thanks and gratitude for your interest and visit to our website. We all here at TMT truly appreciate it. The time is right, in more ways than one to provide this service, a service that will benefit you – the customer, the tourism industry as a whole, and so many others!

A perfect storm is forming and a tsunami is coming! But this tsunami is a wave of change that this industry, countless local families and communities, and you – the customer will most certainly appreciate! So, don’t hesitate…grab a board and ride this wonderful wave and book your first TAIL ME TOUR today!