Our concept is unique and innovative. By easily clipping a high powered two-way hands free radio to the visor of your rental car (the other clipped to the visor of the lead TAIL ME TOUR™ driver) then just following or "tailing" the TAIL ME TOUR™ driver - suddenly, you are now enjoying the full audio experience and guidance of the tour driver without that driver, or anyone else, ever being present in your vehicle! Now you're free to relax and enjoy like never before. In fact, there are so many benefits to this simple, unique and innovative approach that they're impossible to list, but what is most exciting about this totally new way to tour is the price!

Since this highly unique operational approach eliminates virtually every cost and liability issue with respect to the traditional tour business - the resulting price is only a fraction of what you're used to paying!

So, don’t wait another minute, call me today – Gregory S. Nottingham, the founder of TAIL ME TOURS™ and the company’s first driver! We know this island like the back of our hands and can take you places only locals can! SO CALL TODAY FOR A ONE OF A KIND TOURING EXPERIENCE! And remember, in an industry where the challenge to innovate is the key to success, TAIL ME TOURS™ delivers. Try a TAIL ME TOUR™ today, and you'll never go back the other way!

Thank you for your time and consideration of TAIL ME TOURS™ – a whole new way to experience a privately escorted tour… and at a price you’ll most certainly appreciate!

We hope to hear from you soon.

Aloha for now,

Gregory S. Nottingham

Founder & President


121 Banyan Drive

Hilo, HI 96720

Ph: (808) 333-4016

Email: gregnottingham@tailmetours.com

Finally say "GOODBYE" to the traditional tour companies, to their cramped and crowded vans, to not stopping when and where you want to, and especially, to their high prices!

Introducing TAIL ME TOURS™ - an all new and revolutionary concept in privately escorted touring. The difference is easy - you, the customer, drive yourself and follow or "tail" the TAIL ME TOUR™ driver! That's it. With this all new operational approach, that of simply displacing the tour driver out of your vehicle and into his own, we here at TAIL ME TOURS™ have begun a total revolution in escorted touring!